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Chemical Marketing & Economics
Accelerating diverse STEM talent and leadership for sustainable innovation since 1954





CME's STEM Leadership Award Honoree: Seifi Ghasemi
Chief architect of the growth strategy that made Air Products the USA chemical company with the highest market value

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10/29: Free Webinar: Knight, Kohn, Swift, Chen, Dickson
Experts in government, technology and business strategy. Bonus reports on the economy and COVID

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11/19: Free Webinar: Taneja, DaCunha, D'Incelli, Grad
Experts in environmental, social and governance (ESG) assessments of companies

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Fall 2021: CME's 4th NASA Symposium, Atlanta
Two days packed with cutting-edge science as well as industry insights. Below: 2019 CME NASA Lectures in Orlando.




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20201029: Webinar: Technology to Reopen the World

COVID-19 has brought global economic progress and the level of human activity to its knees more quickly and vastly than past pandemics. The effectiveness of the health care system, pharmaceuticals and biomedical advances hold the key to reopening the world.

To resume our life journeys, the world’s best minds are developing breakthroughs in mRNA, monoclonal antibodies, molecular engineering, chemical synthesis, drug delivery and rapid green manufacturing as well as innovative materials, medical devices and communication technologies.

Tens of trillions of dollars depend on the pandemic response of the health system combined with the scaleup of therapeutics, vaccines and advanced biomaterials. To hear how to adapt your business strategies, join us to learn insights in the life sciences, government policy and economics.


















CME's 4th NASA Symposium - Fall 2021

Flier will be available on June 1, 2021.
Bringing Together Industry, Academia, Government and the Public to Enlarge and Enhance the STEM Talent Pool  Cutting-edge developments in chemical sciences to advance human space travel and translate them into new knowledge to improve the lives of people and make their dreams a reality. Two days packed with inspirational research, industry, jobs.


Robert H. Grubbs, Caltech Professor and Nobel Laureate. Exploring advances in polymer synthesis and catalysis in organic synthesis










We are Updating the Website

The CME website is undergoing changes and some webpages may not be accessible. We thank you for your patience.

NASA Symposium Postponed until Next Fall

Dear colleague, the symposium has been postponed until August 23-24, 2021 during the ACS Fall National Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

A New CME, A Bright Future for STEM Programs

As we celebrate the New Year, we are pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2020, the Chemical Marketing & Economics, Inc. (CME) operates as an autonomous non-profit organization to advance sustainable industry innovation globally. CME has roots in 1954 as a topical group of the New Chapter of one of the world's largest scientific societies, since then it has organized over 500 meetings featuring industry leaders, supported STEM students, created highkly successful chemistry signature events and won many awards.

“The freedom to operate CME as a separate entity is vital to serving industry, government and the public in the future. It helps engage students and unleash a new era of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) leadership for sustainable industry innovation,” CME Co-Chair Steve Barnett said.

CME Co-Chair Ksenia Takhistova added: “The new CME will foster impactful events such as the annual NASA Symposium, conceived by CME, to propel humanity’s next big leap: space exploration. With a new vision, agility and strong balance sheet, CME will continue to serve stakeholders, including our loyal members, STEM sponsors, and collaborators like NASA, for the next 65 years and beyond.”




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CME Board

Co-Chair Steven Barnett Connel Foley LLP
Co-Chair Ksenia Takhistova IP and Technology Attorney
Secretary Owen Jappen SOCMA
Treasurer Robert Nolan CUNY

Karin Bartels Ipintech LLC
Steve D'Incelli SK Capital
Marios Hatzikyriakou Nexant
Brian Orkin Arsenal Capital
Guy Penard SyntheZyme LLC.

Outstanding Volunteers
Yuantao Li
Paloma Narciso
Pamela Penawou
Anna Powers
Debra Rooker
Cicely Shillingford
Xiao Zhong





Shahira Knight is the deputy managing principal in Deloitte Services Policy & Government Relations group. She served as the president’s top liaison between the White House and Congress and as deputy assistant to the president for Economic Policy, deputy director National Economic Council.

Joachim Kohn is Rutgers University Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry; Head, Laboratory for Biomaterials Research; President-Elect, International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Science and Engineering; and Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.

Kevin Swift is Chief Economist at the American Chemistry Council, where he analyzes markets, raw materials, trade, tax, energy, innovation, as well as emerging trends for the global chemical sector. He is the past president of the National Association for Business Economics.

VIncent Chen is Senior Analyst, Small- & Mid-Cap Biotechnology at Bernstein Research. He is recognized as a Rising Star of Equity Research by Business Insider. Previously, he worked at McKinsey. He holds an MD from Harvard University and EE and Computer Science degrees from MIT.

Duane Dickson (moderator) is a Vice Chairman and principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Energy Resources & Industrials group. He served as a World Economic Forum’s Project Advisor and the Forum’s Chemical Community Lead, Chemistry and Advanced Materials. He is often quoted at media outlets.




James Green, NASA's Chief Scientist
What is Next at NASA?



Tucker Norton, DuPont Innovation & Strategy Director. Fast-track your discoveries by leveraging innovation engine architectures



Duane Dickson, Deloitte Vice Chairman, Energy & Chemicals. Enabling sustainability through transformational change



Cherie Kagan, DuPont UPenn Nanotechnologist Ch EE. The Design of Colloidal Nanocrystal Materials and Their Unconventional Devices 






Advancing Sustainable Industry Innovation

True to its pioneering spirit, CME has an exciting 2020 program, including industry luncheon meetings in New York; a new quarterly “Chemical Edge” Dinner Series in Houston in collaboration with Deloitte and NASA; the Fourth NASA Symposium featuring Nobel Laureate Robert Grubbs; and the Ninth STEM Leadership Awards event honoring today’s industry leaders.

We look forward to your continuing support and hope to see you soon at one of CME events. Thank you.


Steve Barnett, JD
Co-Chair, CME
Contact CME



Ksenia Takhistova, JD
Co-Chair, CME
Contact CME



Chemical Marketing & Economics

With roots dating back to 1954, Chemical Marketing & Economics, Inc.(CME) is a forward-looking 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to accelerating diverse STEM talent and leadership for sustainable innovation in energy, materials and life sciences. CME brings together Nobel Laureates and the leaders of industry, government, academia, investors, philanthropy, and the public to share cutting-edge insights in exciting events and award-winning programs such as the STEM Leadership Awards and the CME NASA Symposiums.





20201029: Webinar: Medicines to Reopen the World

Matthew Truppo, PhD, Vice President and Head, Biologics Discovery Johnson & Johnson. Former Head of Global Structural Chemistry and Chemical Biotechnologies at Merck. A nearly two-decade experience in the entire space of drug discovery and manufacturing. 40+ publications and patents.

Ira Kalish, PhD, is the Chief Global Economist of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd. He advises on economics and business strategy. He has given presentations in 47 countries on six continents. He has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and The Financial Times..

20200625: Biorevolution: The Next 20 Years

Advances in biological sciences, combined with the accelerating development of computing and artificial intelligence are fueling a new wave of innovation that could have significant impact in a cornucopia of sectors across the economy, from healthcare, education, green chemicals, bioplastics and advanced materials to agriculture, consumer goods, transportation and energy.

Michaek Chui, PhD, is a McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) Partner based in San Francisco. He leads research on the impact of IT and innovation on business, the economy, and society. He is also on the board of the James Irvine Foundation and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Matthias Evers, PhD, Senior Partner in McKinsey's Hamburg, Germany office. He helps research and development organizations increase productivity through large-scale performance transformations, innovation programs, and novel approaches for maximizing value from new assets and solutions.

Sam Samdani, PhD, is a Senior Knowledge Expert at McKinsey's Chemicals & Agriculture Practice. He brings thought leadership across a range of complex knowledge domains to clients active in the various segments of advanced materials and downstream/specialty chemicals markets.


20191210: Eighth STEM Leadership Awards

Honoring LyondellBasell CEO Mr. Bob Patel for Outstanding Global Growth and BASF Chairman and CTO Dr. Martin Brudermüller for Extraordinary Innovation. CUNY students attend CME event.



20190401-02: CME's Third Annual NASA Symposium


Over 1000 attendees. “Chemistry for Humanity’s Next Giant Leap” held in Orlando. Sponsored by MPPG, co-sponsored by all 31 technical divisions active at national meetings of the largest chemistry society, a historic feat.


20181204: Seventh STEM Leadership Awards

Event Co-Chairs included the Chairman and CEO of Air Products Seifi Ghasemi and the President of Dow Chemical Jim Fitterling.

2018 Awards: Jim Fitterling, Ed Breen, Henry Kravis, Seifi Ghasemi.



Showing the magic of chemistry has inspired over 30,000 students.



Over 500 insightful monthly industry luncheons. Webinars since 2009.


20130712: Solvay Sustainability Symposium at JFK. Solar Impulse: An Energy Revolution!

Solar Impulse is the first solar-powered aircraft to fly across America day and night without any fuel. This amazing machine of 63 meters (208 ft) in wingspan that weighs only 1600 kg (3520 lb) is a marvel of engineering,