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7th CME STEM Leadership Awards™

2018. 12. 04 11 am - 2:30 pm ET

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James Simons

Simons Foundation

2018 Honoree for Outstanding STEM Philanthropy

Marilyn Simons

Simons Foundation

2018 Honoree for Outstanding STEM Philanthropy

Ed Breen


Chairman and CEO
2018 Honoree for Historic Corporate Reinvention

Henry Kravis


2018 Honoree for Lifetime Achievement


Celebrating the leaders of today and enabling those of tomorrow

Inspiring leadership has been the hallmark of the Chemical Marketing & Economics, Inc. (CME), a forward looking non profit dedicated to accelerating diverse STEM talent and leadership for sustainable innovation in energy, materials and life sciences since 1954. CME brings together Nobel Laureates and the leaders of industry, government, academia, philanthropy, and the public to share cutting edge insights in exciting events and award winning programs such as the CME STEM Leadership Awards™ and the CME NASA Symposiums.

On March 11, 1954, CME was created as an industry topical group of the American Chemical Society’s New York Section. In the period from 2009 to 2019, innovative programs and global reach of CME led to nine ChemLuminary Awards, forty fold revenue growth, and exciting new frontiers, including organizing cutting edge chemistry related symposiums with NASA, the world’s finest space agency. On January 1, 2020, as mutually agreed by ACS and its New York Section, CME became an independent 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Our long standing collaborations with ACS Divisions and Chapters do carry on, and the relationship with NASA’s Office of the Chief Scientist continues to blossom in the form of annual CME NASA Symposiums since 2017.

As the challenges of humanity increasingly demand more STEM solutions, CME has worked with industry leaders to engage and inspire students to pursue STEM careers. CME’s inflection point dates to 2012, when CME created an original event that recognized the vital combined contributions of leaders of industry, academia, and philanthropy whose vision and ingenuity unleash the power of knowledge into amazing products that make people’s lives better every day.

The CME STEM Leadership Awards™ celebrate the leaders of today and enable those of tomorrow in a warm, festive, and insightful event that has become a focal point for meeting eminent industry leaders and for inspiring STEM students. The event was praised by Jon M. Huntsman, one of the world’s top philanthropists, as “the best I’ve ever seen.”

Our future rests on the shoulders of the generations to come. Join the CME STEM Leadership Awards™ event. Celebrate with us the leaders of today and enable those of tomorrow by participating in and supporting CME programs.


John Ewing

Math for America


Jim Fitterling


Chairman and CEO

Seifi Ghasemi

Air Products

Chairman, President and CEO

Thomas Connelly


Executive Director


Adam Closson


Past Co-Chair
IFF Research Fellow

George Rodriguez


STEM Programming
Argeni Director

Steve Barnett


Environmental Atty.

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